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Gingarte Capoeira was founded in 1991, Gingarte Capoeira has grown into a thriving community of over 100 students and performers, many of whom have been with the school for over a decade. The focal point of our activity is at the Gingarte Academy located at 1501 W Chicago Street in Chicago. The Gingarte Academy offers a diverse range of classes focusing on Brazilian culture including capoeira, dance, music, and Portuguese language. Gingarte trains and practices under the tutelage of Mestra Marisa Cordeiro, who ranks among the highest female capoeiristas in the United States. She is well respected both in the U.S. and Brazil as a pioneer for women in capoeira. Gingarte Capoeira is also well-known as a performance group throughout Chicago and the surrounding area for our lively shows and demonstrations of capoeira and African-Brazilian cultural dances.

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