Ginga Associação De Capoeira

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Ginga Associação de Capoeira
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Bahia, Brazil


Ginga Associação de Capoeira was founded in 1972 by Mestre Itapoan (Raimundo Cesar Alves de Almeida), in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. As a student of the revered Mestre Bimba, Mestre Itapoan has become the preeminent authority on Capoeira Regional and the history of Capoeira because of his life-time devotion to its study and practice. Under his continued guidance, Ginga Associação de Capoeira has preserved and followed Mestre Bimba's teachings for over thirty years. Ginga Associação de Capoeira was brought to the United States in 1996 by Mestre Kiki da Bahia. Since his arrival, Mestre Kiki da Bahia has become the chief representative of Capoeira Regional in the United States.

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