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Bahia, Brazil



• Australia

Capoeira Filhos da Bahia is a Capoeira school, based in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. CFdB provides classes in Capoeira & Music (as well as other related artforms) for all levels of Kids & Adults. Mestre Val Boa Morte founded Capoeira Filhos da Bahia in Salvador, Bahia BRAZIL in c. 10 years later, Mestre Val (Edval Santos) moved to Australia as the Head of the Capoeira Filhos da Bahia - International Group. Mestre Val has more than 34 years of training & dedication to Capoeira. An inspired Martial Artist, his skill is matched by few. For 29 years, he has travelled to over 57 Countries around the World to perform & teach Capoeira.

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