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Escola Da Capoeiragem
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• Ireland • Italy

Escola Da Capoeiragem (EDC) is a group that seeks challenges and wants to grow and to be succeed sharing the passion of capoeira with all people and other 'capoeiristas' (people that train capoeira). EDC is an open school to everyone that wants to learn this martial art created by the slaves in Brazil. EDC started it activity in July 9th of 2011 by Samuel Souza, known in capoeira as 'Samuca' and with the title 'Mestre' (master in english). Mestre Samuca seeks the perfection in the theoretical and practical education of capoeira supporting the different 'Professores' (teachers), 'Instrutores' (instructors) and 'Graduados' (graduates) from the different schools around the World: Italy, Belgium, Poland, Ireland, France, Netherlands and Brazil.

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