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• United Kingdom • Mexico

In 1998, the Grupo de Capoeira Longe do Mar was founded in Mexico City, as a space to learn capoeira in a safe and comprehensive way. Since the founding of the group in 1998, they have organised an annual meeting at the national level, in which, as special guests, internationally recognised personalities within the field of capoeira participate: music, songs, dance, history, theatre, the fight and the language complement each other in what we consider, in addition to an art of struggle, a cultural manifestation and an artistic expression. Under this vision, they try to spread our art in Mexico through classes, workshops, meetings, exhibitions, conferences and other activities aimed at promoting its practice.As complementary activities, we promote and teach classes and workshops in the Portuguese language, maculelé, samba, batucada, Afro-Brazilian dance and acrobatics, among other activities. To boost the integration and creativity of the group members, they organise weekly rounds and convene, once a year, a tournament in which, beyond pure physical ability, the ability to work as a team is put to the test, as well as the artistic creativity of our students, instructors and teachers.

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