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Capoeira Liberdade has been developing capoeira teaching and transmission projects for 33 years in the communities of Cantagalo, Pavão, Pavãozinho. During this process, teaching methodologies adapted for children, youth and adults in situations of social vulnerability were developed. The project started in 1982, a time when there were still no NGOs or even projects that met the demands of the less favoured classes. It was in this context that three young university students José Roberto Baños, Algemiro de Oliveira Júnior and Ricardo Marques de Oliveira (in memoriam) decided to combine their academic knowledge from the Physical Education School of UFRJ with the knowledge acquired in the practice of capoeira and took the pioneering initiative of teaching the art of capoeira in the communities in the city of Rio de Janeiro. From this work came the Associação Capoeira Liberdade in 1984, which has been promoting capoeira teaching for more than three decades in the communities mentioned. Therefore, the pedagogical project has already been tested and approved, as over the past 30 years it has formed new generations of capoeiristas, who, over the years, have become Masters, Contramestres, Professors and Capoeira Instructors, many were state and national champions and they have their way of subsistence in capoeira.

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