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When Mestra Ursula started teaching capoeira in Paris in 1992, capoeira was still in its infancy. Little known and rather associated with an exotic dance, the students were not numerous. At that time, Ursula's classes at the University of Censier greatly contributed to the development of capoeira in the region. After the organization of a batizado (traditional grade passage) in 1997, Ursula created the Canto de Capoeira association. Since then capoeira has developed widely, in particular thanks to fashions and action films that have made it known to the public. Canto de Capoeira is now part of the Capoeira Guaiamuns group founded by Mestra Usula and Mestre Paulinho Carioca. Today the association has between 200 and 300 students, ten capoeira classes in Paris, some of which are taught by its students who have become instructors. Baptism today can look like it is when it takes place in Rio! Today, Canto de Capoeira is one of the largest European associations. And Ursula, a guest at international Capoeira events, crisscrosses Europe throughout the year. In 2005, the association organized a trip to Rio (Brazil) for 40 of its students to allow them to go back to the origins of Capoeira, to meet and learn from the greatest Masters.

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