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Capoeira Barauna is a capoeira organisation headquartered in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, under the leadership of Mestre Rosa. The Japanese branch is represented by Brazilian resident Mestre Negao. Barauna Kyoto was founded in Kyoto in 2005 by an officially licensed instructor, Sho Ikeuchi (Prof. Macumba). Currently, we have a dedicated capoeira classroom in Sanjo, Kawaramachi, where students of all ages, from children to adults, gather and interact with each other through capoeira. We also hold capoeira-related events and workshops mainly in the Kansai region, and are also focusing on recreation such as training camps and excursions. Capoeira, Barauna, Kyoto proposes a fun and healthy capoeira life with the slogan "Vamose jogar capoeira !! Let's capoeira !!"!

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