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Mestre Marreta arrived in Europe for the first time in 1984, in Portugal, where he started to teach in Lisbon, and so became part of the first group of teachers teaching in Europe. After living in Paris and Bochum (Germany), he settled down in Amsterdam, while at the same time continuing the school in Montes Claros, MG. Mestre Marreta started to train capoeira in 1976 in Montes Claros, first with professor Baiano and when he left, with mestre Carne de Cobra, who put him at the head of the group when he also left Montes Claros. Teacher at 16 years of age, Marreta has always continued teaching, training and playing capoeira since. Mestre Marreta has been and is invited in various capoeira workshops and events, and dance – and musicevents all over Europe and outside Europe. Every year he organizes together with mestre Samara (Capoeira Senzala) the oldest still existing capoeira event of Europe: the Eastermeeting, in Amsterdam. Another important event of the group Berimbau de Ouro organised by mestre Marreta is the Newyears-event in Amsterdam.

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