Nego Veio

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Song Lyrics

Nego veio de Angola tu veio para assinar

Tu trouxe Capoeira e candomblé e Ogum

E o rei dos orixá

Eh viva meu mestre

Eh é hora é hora

Eh galo cantou

Eh viva Bahia

Eh viva seu Bimba

Eh viva Pastinha

Eh volta do mundo

English Translation

Nego came from Angola you came to sign

You brought Capoeira and candomblé and Ogum

And the king of the orixá

Hey, my master

Eh it's time it's time

Eh cock sang

Hey Bahia

Hey, Mr. Bimba

Hey, Pastinha

Eh around the world

History and sentiment behind song

Candomblé more well known to many non-Brazilian Capoeiristas as this was the form of religion that developed around Salvador Brasil, which is also the home of Capoeira Angola. Candomblé is also a syncretic religion that evolves worship of the Orixás. It surfaced through a process of syncretism between the traditional Yoruba religion of West Africa and the Roman Catholic form of Christianity.

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