Menino Quem Foi Seu Mestre

Category: Ladainhas

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Song Lyrics

00:00 - Menino, quem foi seu mestre ?

Eng: Boy, who was your teacher?

00:03 - quem te ensinou a brincar

Eng: Who taught you to play

00:09 - o teu mestre foi Besouro

Eng: your teacher was Besouro

00:12 - aprendeu com Manganga

Eng: learned with Manganga

00:19 - eu aprendi com Pastinha

Eng: I learned from Pastinha

00:22 - quero contigo Brincar

Eng: I want you Play with you

00:29 - a capoeira de angola

Eng: Capoeira de Angola

00:33 - Capoeira de Angola

Eng: Capoeira de Angola

00:36 - a africano quem mandou

Eng: the african who sent

00:42 - Na capital de Salvador

Eng: In the capital of Salvador

00:44 - foi pastinha que me ensinou

Eng: It was Pastinha that taught me

00:49 - na roda de capoeira

Eng: in the capoeira roda

00:54 - reconheço esse valor

Eng: recognise this value

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