Lei Aurea

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Song Lyrics

A Capoeira não é semente do mal

Ma ta rala la serra perto do canavial

Sua beleza também é sua defesa

Essa arte brasileira

Encheu os olhos da princesa

Lei áurea ae oo Lei Áurea a

Leva mensagem

Que é através do meu lamento

Se você tem um bom senso

Vai para pra me escutar

Vem acuado e só vivia pelos cantos

Dependeu de papel branco

Pra poder se libertar

Lei áurea ae oo Lei Áurea a

É uma princesa que chamava Isabel

Que depois foi acusada

De dormir com o negão

Quebra a corrente

Abre as portas da Senzala

Vai te embora, corre escravo

Não fuja mais pra escuridão

Lei áurea ae oo Lei Áurea a

Quando amanhece

O nego ja tava longe

Quando o sol vem da notícia

O escravo se libertou

Volta pra casa

Pra junto da sua família

Não tem mais escravidão

Nem tronco e nem feitor

Lei áurea ae oo Lei Áurea a

English Translation

Capoeira is not the seed of evil

Ma ta rala la serra near the cane field

Your beauty is also your defense

This Brazilian art

Filled the princess's eyes

Golden Law a and oo Golden Law a

Take message

That is through my regret

If you have a good sense

Go to listen to me

Come cornered and only lived in the corners

Depended on white paper

To be able to break free

Golden Law a and oo Golden Law a

It's a princess who called Isabel

Who was later accused

Sleeping with the nigga

Breaks the chain

Opens the doors of Senzala

Go away, run slave

Don't run away to darkness anymore

Golden Law a and oo Golden Law a

When dawn

The nigger was already far away

When the sun comes from the news

The slave broke free

Come back home

To your family

No more slavery

Neither trunk nor overseer

Golden Law a and oo Golden Law a

History and sentiment behind song

By the end of the 19th century, slavery was doomed in the Brazilian Empire. Reasons included growing quilombo militias raids in plantations that still used slaves, the refusal of the Brazilian army to deal with escapees and the growth of Brazilian abolitionist movements. The Empire tried to soften the problems with laws to restrict slavery, but finally Brazil would recognise the end of the institution on May 13, 1888, with a law called Lei Áurea (the golden law), sanctioned by imperial parliament and signed by Princess Isabel.

Even though the emancipation of all slaves in Brazil was broadly popular, there were also strong resistance to Princess Isabel's succession to the throne. Her gender, strong Catholic faith and her marriage to a foreigner were seen as hindrance against her, and thus the liberation of the slaves caused great disfavour among powerful planters.

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