É A Regional

Song Lyrics

Dois pandeiros de couro

Olha um médio afrouxado

Um São Bento grande

Bem balanceado

É a regional

Êê, é a regional

Mestre Bimba sentado

Olhando de lado

Tudo dominado

É a regional

Êê, é a regional

O cabloco emboscado

Não fica acuado

Ele pula de lado

Que é para se safar

Êê, é a regional

English Translation

Two leather tambourines

Look at a loose midfielder

A great São Bento

Well balanced

It's the regional

Êê, is the regional

Mestre Bimba sitting

Looking sideways

Everything dominated

It's the regional

Êê, is the regional

The ambushed cabloco

Don't be cornered

He jumps sideways

That is to get away with

Êê, is the regional

History and sentiment behind song

The base of Capoeira Regional is the original Capoeira without many of the aspects that were impractical in a real fight, with less subterfuge and more objectivity. Training was mainly focused on attack, dodging and counter-attack, giving high importance to precision and discipline. Bimba also added a few moves from other arts, notably the batuque, old street fight game practiced by his father. Use of jumps or aerial acrobacies was kept to a minimum, since one of its foundations was always keeping at least one hand or foot firmly attached to the ground. Mestre Bimba often said, «o chão é amigo do capoeirista» (the floor is a friend to the capoeirista).