What is Capoeira?

The Art Of Freedom


Capoeira is thought to have originated in Brazil in the 16th century. It was widely practiced as a martial art infused ritual dance by the African slaves to rebel against their Brazilian masters. As in the USA, slavery was rampant in Brazil too. The workers were put to work on plantations where demand for slave labour was high. During this time an estimated 2 million slaves were brought to Brazil from Africa. That it had inherited its essential elements from the African people, is evident from the musical structure as well as movements, the accompanying rituals, philosophical principles and historic accounts of its ethnicity described by those who practiced it in the past. One of the most exciting martial art these days, Capoeira has created such hidden moves and musical rhythm, that a player can easily converse with his partner and have a silent dialog to signal approaching danger. During the game the players can explore each others weaknesses and strengths, simply with feints and defensive moves. They overcome fatigue, fear and even feel frustration, but nevertheless enjoy the experience. It's ever increasing popularity, not only in Brazil, but in all corners of the world symbolises the fight against oppression and slavery. Present day Capoeira is however practiced just as a dance without any physical contact.


A celebration born out of resistance , nearly 500 years ago, against all forms of bondage ,Capoeira, imparts an affirmation of mutual respect between communities, groups and individuals thereby promoting social integration and memories of resistance to the historical oppression. The Capoeira circle is considered a very sacred space where dances and songs are performed to communicate messages from master to disciple and thus creating a sense of of companionship and identity to an ever expanding community,not only in Brazil, but in all corners of the world. During the last 50 years, Capoeira has finally been accepted by the masses of Brazil.


Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art with its roots firmly in Africa. It was developed by slaves and passed down over 400 years, often in secret. Through training and leadership, Capoeira was a revolutionary force in breaking the shackles of slavery. La Laue's aim is to promote this glorious tradition and continue the fight against modern-day slavery and isolation.

Capoeira is the 'Art Of Freedom' and it is our mission to promote freedom in all it's forms.
The use of technology & Capoeira together can be a force for good; to fight against isolation, inequity, injustice and to fight for freedom for all. We believe people are best when they work together, fighting for what is right and for each other. It is through our platform (mobile & web apps) that we wish to inspire the wider community and bring people closer together.
Through Capoeira "a beautiful art transcending into a way of life" we will:

Help Us End Slavery