Capoeiristas Do Rei

The capoeiristas KING ASSOCIATION is a legal entity of private law, non-profit based in Gama - DF. The Project arose from the divine inspiration of its founder, Pedro Telles de Araújo e Souza, today Mestre de Capoeira, during a trip to the city of Rio de Janeiro-RJ. Pedro Telles was touched by the Lord to use Capoeira as an instrument to rescue lives. And so it has been doing. On November 28, 2013, the CAPOEIRISTAS DO REI Projectstarted its activities, inside an Evangelical Church in Asa Norte, with only 05 members. Today, there are more than 300 students joining the entity. Officially founded in 2017, through the Registry of its Statute, it develops works aimed at all age groups, emphasizing the socio-cultural and sports training of children and adolescents. The ASSOCIATION capoeiristas KING conducts its activities through direct execution of projects, programs or action plans, through donations of physical resources, human and financial or providing intermediary services to support other non-profit organizations and agencies and public sector entities, under the terms of Laws 9,790/99, 13,019/2014 and its subsequent amendments. With the Logo in the form of a circle (representing eternity), border in the rope design (symbol of the graduation of the capoeirista), presence of the Star of David (representing the Church of Christ), berimbaus on the side (musical instruments used in Capoeira) and the name of the REI (our Lord Jesus Christ) in central highlight, shows the conception and ideal of the Project Capoeiristas do Rei: to use Capoeira as an instrument of evangelization. Among the objectives of the ASSOCIAÇÃO CAPOEIRISTAS DO REI, we highlight: - becoming a means of evangelization for people of all ages; - to sing hymns and praise the Lord with the use of Capoeira singing and musical instruments (berimbau, atabaque, agogô, pandero...); - establish an environment for sports and leisure within the Christian environment, enabling communion between brothers and famil

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