Side to side feint.

Move Background

The balanço is usually done from the forward ginga and is also known as the Cavalo. As with other movements in capoeira, all types of kicks, handstrikes, or headbutts can be executed unexpectedly from the movement. The balanço of side to side feints done with the torso to deceive the opponent, throw off their timing, and make it harder for them to track the centerline. In a similar manner as a speedskater, the bodyweight is shifted from one leg to the other in a slight lateral hopping/sliding motion while the arms move in a similar fashion as they do during the ginga.

Step by step guide

  • Start with the ginga, go back and forth.
  • Move your body as you do the ginga.
  • The balanço in a way is a form of expressing your ginga.
  • It is also used to trick your partner, you're moving to the right, but you're moving to the left. You're moving forward but you're moving back. You're going up but you're going down.
  • A combination of all of those moves allow you to develop your own balanca.

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