Can Capoeira Improve Your Sex Life?

Post Written By Jyotsna R.

Can Capoeira Improve Your Sex Life?


Capoeira is a martial art form from Brazil and a combination of acrobatics, dance, music, and self-defense. Today, a lot is being discussed on Capoeira, and it is not just those martial art moves but how exercising right can lead to endless sexual stamina.

Well, if you are looking for a short and sexy answer, the answer is YES. The word ginga literally translates "to sway", the central and vital movement of capoeira. Capoeira is about feeling the music, sizing your opponent and understanding body language; core skills for any budding casanova. Between stretches and other exercises, capoeira provides the discipline and flexibility to get the body and mind working to make you the perfect lover

Certain forms of workouts can boost certain parts of the body more than others, and there are certain exercises and workouts that can set those sexual exploits on fire! Capoeira is designed in such a way that it benefits the body completely and offers you the advantage of doing aerobics, acrobatics, and weights in one.

Even a beginner's level session can help burn 450 calories in just an hour, Helping you get rid of those love handles and giving you that sexy body anyone would die to be seen alone with. You do not need to be a gymnast or acrobat to do Capoeira. Just after a few months of training, you will feel your fitness build up and have a much better control over your body.


Capoeira will leave you out of breath, feeling all tingly and face flushed. Regular practice will build superior agility and enhance flexibility. You will improve the coordination of upper and lower body, as those simple and complex moves require your full body weight. Your body will bend, twist and curl in all directions, thus developing mobility at the joints and muscles. It is an excellent idea to do Capoeira with your partner. Both of you will not only stay fit, but your sex life is sure to get a boost too along with your metabolism and focus. You will improve your balance and lose weight at the same time; as one hour of capoeira burns around 500 calories.

Capoeira might come across as a style of martial arts, or perhaps a dance, but its got an expression all of its own. Everybody develops their own individual style when doing Capoeira and add their personality to it. It helps to develop muscularity and increases flexibility as well as works on the cardiovascular system. Those firefly movements and personal style are sure to leave your body well stretched and ready to pounce on your many willing lovers. Every one of those stretches will really help the inner thigh muscle and calf muscle, so if your thinking of trying to become the jedi master of the kamu sutra, then Capoeira is the excise for you.

Try Capoeira if your sex life has not been great. You are sure to get perked up with this African dance style.

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