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Associação Santista de Capoeira Areia Branca
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Mestre Doutor (Adenilson Dos Santos) was born in Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil. An early influence on Doutor's Afro-Brazilian roots comes from his upbringing in a spiritual household that was run by his mother, Dona Severina, a mae de santo or mother of saints. At 13 years old, Doutor tried a capoeira class with Mestre Camarao in Guaruja, Brazil, and then decided to train with Mestre Bandeira ASCAB. Mestre Doutor has practiced Capoeira for 35 years and received his mestres belt after 25 years, becoming the first Mestres to teach in Philadelphia. As well as teaching in many universities and earning numerous awards and certifications, he is the founder and artistic director of the American Society of Capoeira and Arts from Brazil ( ASCAB ).

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